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Sectional door vertical | Fold lift door

Compact solution when space is limited

The folding lift gate is the perfect solution if the installation space is limited. The sections fold together compactly behind the clear opening, so that a limited installation depth is no problem. The low installation depth does not conflict with other trades, such as Lighting, extraction, heating, etc. Especially suitable for installation in combination with a crane runway. An additional load entry into the roof construction by self-supporting column construction is not necessary. Simple and cost-effective handling during maintenance and service.


  • Door leaf The 40 mm thick door leaves consist of an aluminum frame construction and are available coated on both sides in every imaginable RAL tone version. Standard with anodized Aluminum sections (E6 / EV1), with one pair (2 sections, even number) always having the same height of maximum 650 mm and equipped with a hinge on the outside.
  • Guide rail Galvanized steel guide rails and galvanized console in the lintel area to accommodate the door leaves.
  • Surface There is a wide choice of fillings, from completely closed to full-length glazing.
  • Fitting The door leaves are folded upwards and deposited horizontally in the "parking console", including spring break safety device and slack rope safety device. preassembled Spring packs ensure quick and easy installation.
  • Control and operation Incl. Electric drive Pro Line 20 with control. Opening and closing takes place in self-holding, including closing edge monitoring. Supported by a spring package in the lintel area. emergency manualin case of power failure via reel chain or crank, operating button OPEN-STOP-AB integrated in the control panel cover.

Additional equipment

  • Protected by a single point light barrier consisting of a transmitter and reflector, mounting height approx. + 500 mm
  • Pulse generator: push button, key switch, pull switch, coding switch, radar detector
  • Traffic light incl. Traffic light control and a 2-flame traffic light red / green
  • Radio control (hand-held transmitter)
  • Induction loop

Scope of application

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Technical Data

  • Maximum door size: 6,000 x 6,000 mm (W x H) * Special dimensions on request
  • Up-value of the filling: approx. 1.1 to 1.2 W / m²K
  • U-value of the door system depends on the door size: approx. 1.8 W / m²K
  • Transmission value of the filling: approx. 56%

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